Fluid Systems

PVC Industrial Products of Ottawa Ontario carries a variety of engineered fluid handling systems so that our varied customers can surely find whatever they need for any application.  These systems include Pressure Piping Systems such as the PROGEF and SYGEF series from Georg Fischer as well as special systems for more hazardous applications and environments.  For corrosive environments such as chemical labs we carry various Fuseal product lines for Corrosive Waste purposes.  For applications where leaks require quick detection and absolutely cannot risk release into the environment we carry Secondary Containment systems such as Double-See, Fuseal Squared and CONTAIN-IT.

In addition to what we do supply currently our technical staff is also constantly surveying the market for products to be applied to new challenges or new products for technical challenges as old as fluid handling itself.  So we invite customers and suppliers alike to ask us about what is happening on the cutting edge of this critical industrial activity.

PROGEF Standard (PP)

SYGEF Standard (PVDF)


Fuseal PP Corrosive Waste

Fuseal 25/50 PVDF Waste

Fuseal Squared



PPro-Seal Natural (PP)