Plastic Pipe Tools

Since its inception in Ottawa in 1994, PVC Industrial Products has been an approved distributor for Reed Tools which itself has supplied pipe tools and vises since 1896.  Nearly all of our pipe related tooling comes from Reed because our customers have come to rely on their excellent designs, service and lifetime warranty on all hand tools.

Among the Reed Tools that we stock at our Ottawa retail store are:

  • Quick Release Cutters
  • Internal Pipe Cutters
  • Ratchet Shears
  • Scissor Shears
  • Plastic Pipe Saws
  • PLAS In-Line Rotary Cutters
  • Bevelers
  • Plastic Pipe Joiners – for Gasketed Pipe
  • Plastic Pipe Joiners – for Solvent Cemented Pipe
  • PE Squeeze-Off Tools
  • Guillotine Pipe Cutters
  • Deburring Tools

Any items not in stock can normally be delivered within 2-3 days.  We also carry replacement blades and perishable items for the most commonly used tools.