Fusion Machines

PVC Industrial Products carries a full line of fusion machines to assembly piping systems of Poly Pro (PP), PVDF and Polyethylene (PE).  Georg Fischer alone carries five different systems and technologies while we have others available in our supplier network as well.  Just contact us directly to discuss your project and we will help you determine your best available options.


IR Plus Fusion Machines


In infrared (IR) fusion joining the fusion areas of the components  (pipes, fittings, valves) are heated to fusion temperature without  contact to the heating element and joined by means of mechanical  pressure without using additional materials.


BCF Plus Fusion Machines


This fusion joining process consists in transmitting precisely defined  thermal energy to the pipe and fitting ends being joined by means of  half-shell heating elements. At the same time an elastic, pressurised  bladder supports the inside surface of the fusion zone in order to  prevent the formation of an internal fusion bead.  Fully automatic process control of the fusion joining process with a  fusion joining machine developed in-house by GF Piping Systems permits  very simple handling and reproducible fusion quality.

Contact Butt Fusion Machines


Butt fusion technology is the safe, reliable and favorable joining  for a wide dimension range.  GF Piping Systems offers mechanical, hydraulic and CNC-guided fusion  machines for on site constructions and the workshop. The fusion areas  of the pipes and fittings are heated to fusion temperature and joined  by means of mechanical pressure, without using additional materials. A  homogeneous joint results.

Socket Fusion Machines


In this form of fusion joining, which requires heating tools, the  pipe end is inserted into the socket of the fitting; no additional  material is used. The pipe end and fitting socket are heated to fusion  temperature using a heating bush and a heating spigot, respectively,  and are then pushed together.  GF Piping Systems offers a wide range of hand and mechanical guided  fusion machines – also for the field-use. The pipe end, fitting  socket and heating tools correspond in such a way that the necessary  joining pressure is attained during joining, resulting in a  homogeneous joint.

Electrofusion Machines


In the electro fusion process a heating wire permanently moulded into  the fitting gets heated by current at a low voltage. The surrounding  material around the wire gets melted and expands due to the warming.  The melt starts closing the gap between pipe and fitting, leading to a  heat transition to the pipe which also gets heated and melts in the  welding zone. The pipe material also expands.  The increasing material expansion between pipe and fitting, which is  hindered by the cold zones outside the welding zone, leads to a build  up a welding pressure between pipe and fitting and a homogeneous  welding connection emerges.