Industries have been assessed clean-up expenditures which far exceed  the costs to install protective measures. When penalties and fines are  added to the costs of cleaning up spills and leaks, it becomes obvious  that industries have a legal and financial responsibility for  protecting our environment.

Contain-It™ provides the necessary environmental protection at  a fraction of potential clean-up costs. The system includes many  features which yield benefits to the owner, engineer and installer.

The retrofit capability and chemical resistance of Contain-It™  makes this an ideal choice for containment piping of chemical process lines.

Fields of Application:

  • Secondary Containment Piping System
  • Chemical Process Line Containment
  • Corrosive Chemical Waste Containment
  • Petroleum Chemical Containment
  • New Installations or Retrofit of Existing System
  • Life Sciences
  • Microelectronics


  • New installations or retrofit of existing system
  • Fits over virtually any carrier system
  • Clear construction for visual leak detection
  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight, easy to install

Size Range:

  • 3″ – 6″

Pressure Rating:

  • PN3 (32 PSI)

Operating Temperature:

  • 0°C – 60°C (32°F – 140°F)

Joining Technology:

  • Adhesive Joint

Standard Ratings:

  • ASTM D1784
  • ASTM D3034
  • UL 94
  • 40CFR80


  • Clear Polyvinyl Chloride (Clear PVC)