PVC Industrial Products of Ottawa stocks a variety of Hose and Tubing for many applications and particularly industrial applications.  The types and sizes of hose and tubing is so vast that we could not possibly keep on hand all the individual items but we can cover most common industrial, commercial, research and residential projects with same day service.  All other items can be delivered to our store normally within 2 to 3 business days with special orders for rare or even custom applications also available upon request.

The more general category of Hose may be further divided into Hose and Tubing.  The main difference between hose and tubing is that tubing is normally smaller in diameter and consists of a simple structure of one material, such as nylon or vinyl.  Hose is constructed of various materials in order to improve characteristics such strength, wear resistance, friction, flexibility or stiffness.  Hose is therefore often larger, heavier and more costly.

Among our network of suppliers, Kuri Tec® is our main partner for Thermoplastic Hose and Tubing products as they produce the most complete line of industrial hose and tubing products available in the industry.  Applications include industrial, chemical, manufacturing, food processing, research, construction and water treatment projects.  One of the most common products we sell is Tigerflex™ which is an excellent reliable hose used for residential and commercial pools, spas and hot tubs.  Pool contractors in Ottawa-Gatineau and across Easter Ontario have come to rely on PVC Industrial Products for having the best selection of Tigerflex™ products in stock.