Actuators can be added to existing valves, or be installed already integrated valves, when automation is required in a plastic pipe system.  These applications are used when systems require precise control, monitoring and adjustment or when systems are remotely located or in dangerous environments.  The common types are electric and pneumatic while hydraulic actuators are more rarely used today.  With todays technologies there is a very wide range of accessories available on the market for actuation, feedback, monitoring and control.

PVC Industrial Products of Ottawa Ontario carries a full line of Actuators and Actuated Valves from various suppliers in our network including Georg Fischer and Ipex.  Since these solutions are complex and varied in nature it is best to call us directly to discuss your project.

Some Actuators available at PVC Industrial Products include:

  • Georg Fischer Electric Actuator Type EA04
  • Georg Fischer Electric Actuator Type EA21
  • Georg Fischer Electric Actuator Type EA31
  • Georg Fischer Electric Actuator Type EA42
  • Georg Fischer Electric Actuator Type EA11
  • Georg Fischer Pneumatic Actuator DIASTAR Series 025 DA
  • Georg Fischer Pneumatic Actuator DIASTAR Type 028
  • Georg Fischer Pneumatic Actuator Type PA11/PA21