We have Georg Fischer Type 530 Aquataps!

We now carry these Recirculating  Laboratory Faucets featuring Georg Fischer’s Inline Flow Diverter (IFD) Technology.   The Type 530 recirculating laboratory faucet is designed to provide constant DI fluid flow to point of use when used with the new Inline Flow Diverter (IFD). The unique design of the IFD provides high flow from the distribution main through the faucet for constant water movement. The IFD uses a slight orifice reduction to create a differential pressure imbalance which forces water through the faucet with minimal pressure loss. The system is further enhanced by using smooth bore interconnecting tubing for design flexibility and simplified piping installations. Up to three faucets can be served from a single IFD.

The faucet is made from high purity PVDF, and the IFD is available in SYGEF® PVDF or PROGEF® Natural PP.  Simple heat flaring tools make leak-proof, minimum crevice connections between components.


Technical Features

• Ideal flow characteristics

• Sleek robust design

• Continuous flow up to valve eliminating dead-legs

• Easy flare-style connection method

• Deck or wall mounting options

• Needle-type flow control for precise metering

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